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H2 - Hydrogen

Clean Hydrogen

Atura Power is proud to be playing a leadership role in establishing the supply of low-carbon hydrogen in Ontario. See how we're helping enable Ontario's net-zero future. 

Enabling Ontario's net-zero future

We're enabling a future that's cleaner by safely producing hydrogen that will help us reach the goal of net-zero emissions. Learn more in this video.

Our Hydrogen projects

Atura Power has selected the Niagara region as its first Ontario site for large-scale hydrogen production.

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Atura Power can blend hydrogen into its combined cycle gas turbine and can be an anchor consumer as mobility application demand grows.

Hydrogen production potential is being considered at this convenient GTA location along Highway 401 with a large density of end-users, such as heavy duty trucking and vehicle fleets.

Atura is undertaking multiple feasibility studies to investigate the technical and commercial aspects of establishing hydrogen hubs in Nanticoke, Sarnia, Windsor, and other locations across Ontario. Topics under review include transition of heavy emitting industries to lower carbon fuels, blending with natural gas for combustion purposes,  and storing hydrogen in underground salt caverns in southern Ontario

Hydrogen partnership opportunities

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