Clean hydrogen leader

Low-carbon, versatile and portable, clean hydrogen is poised to be an important tool in Ontario’s fight against climate change, and Atura Power is leading the charge. With plans for green hydrogen production facilities across Ontario, Atura Power is ensuring the province gets the most out of this leading-edge, low-emission fuel and energy storage technology.

A clean energy powerhouse

Did you know that hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe? It is also the third most abundant element on earth’s surface and has the highest energy density per unit of mass of any energy source.

Focused on a low carbon future

  • Atura Power is producing green hydrogen because it has the lowest emission profile of all hydrogen types.
  • Green hydrogen is created when renewable electricity is used to split water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen.
  • Hydrogen can help industries across Ontario adopt low carbon energy solutions by providing cleaner fuel for trucks, marine shipping and public transit. It can also be blended with natural gas to generate cleaner electricity and help decarbonize high-emission industries like steel, fertilizer, refineries and chemicals.

Niagara Hydrogen Centre

Using Niagara Falls to power the clean energy transition

Future hub
To support Ontario's decarbonization

20 MW

Split into oxygen and hydrogen

Niagara Hydrogen Centre

The awesome power of Niagara Falls has inspired the innovation of Ontario’s electricity system for generations. It was here that the province built what was the world’s largest hydroelectric station more than a century ago: the Sir Adam Beck Generating Station.

Atura Power is proudly building on the legacy of clean power in Niagara Region by developing a 20 megawatt hydrogen facility – the largest in Ontario. The facility will use surplus clean electricity generated at Sir Adam Beck to produce hydrogen for industrial customers across southern Ontario.

Check out the project page below for more details.

An illustration of the Niagara Hydrogen Centre

Niagara Hydrogen Centre

Building Ontario's largest green hydrogen facility to help industries adopt low carbon energy solutions.

Halton Hills Hydrogen Blending

Blending green hydrogen with natural gas to reduce carbon emissions from gas-fired electricity generation.

This project will focus on blending up to 15 per cent low-carbon hydrogen with natural gas to fuel the Halton Hills Generating Station. It will provide critical data to support future blending and accelerate the decarbonization of electricity generation.

Atura Power received $4.18 million from the IESO's Hydrogen Innovation Fund to support Ontario's Low-Carbon Hydrogen Strategy.