Storing clean energy for when we need it most

Energy storage

Ontario’s baseload electricity comes from nuclear and renewable sources and is very low-carbon. When electricity demand peaks beyond our baseload capacity, natural gas-fueled generation steps up to meet the demand.

In this way, natural gas plays an essential role in facilitating Ontario’s transition to clean and renewable electricity. But to ensure the grid can use even more clean power, and rely less on natural gas during periods of peak demand, Atura Power is developing a number of energy storage projects across the province. By storing extra baseload energy generated during times when demand is low and distributing this energy to the grid during times of peak demand, Atura can help ensure no clean energy goes to waste while reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of Ontario’s electricity grid. This is the thinking behind Atura Power’s energy storage projects.

Storage and Ontario’s low-carbon economy

Learn all about how energy storage works and the important role that Atura Power’s energy storage projects will play in Ontario’s transition to a clean, green economy.

Energy storage is an opportunity to optimize the operation of all generation resources while reducing emissions and increasing grid reliability.

Brad Kyte
Senior Manager, Business Development

Our energy storage projects