Guiding principles

Atura Power is committed to collaborating with Indigenous Nations and communities and continue to support ongoing reconciliation efforts.

We will build mutually beneficial relationships and operate with integrity and transparency.

Our guiding principles include:

Acknowledging that each Indigenous Nation and community will undergo a uniquely tailored engagement and consultation process.

Seeking new and mutually beneficial Indigenous partnerships built on collaboration and good governance.

Conducting activities that are guided by perpetual care and maintenance of the lands in partnership with Indigenous Nations and communities.

Creating opportunities for Indigenous businesses and community members to work and acquire new skills.

Our vision for Indigenous relations and reconciliation

As part of Atura Power’s commitment to meaningful consultation and collaboration with Indigenous Nations and communities, we are developing a proposed Reconciliation Action Plan.

This plan will deepen our understanding of the experience endured by Indigenous Nations and communities and set benchmarks for continued improvement of our policies and practices within the regions in which we operate and develop.

We’re not content to just say the right things when it comes to Indigenous engagement. We want to ensure we are following our words with actions. By engaging with Indigenous communities and developing a Reconciliation Action Plan, we’re focused on an inclusive future and creating conditions for mutual success.

Kelly Grieves
Vice President of Hydrogen Business, Stakeholder & Indigenous Relations