Building the bridge to a clean energy future

Power when you need it most

Atura Power plays a key role in Ontario’s electricity system by generating safe and reliable electricity.

The Company is also making strategic investments in new, non-emitting energy technologies that are poised to make big contributions to Ontario’s net-zero ambitions.

Our natural gas facilities are the perfect bridging technology as the province brings on more renewable sources of non-emitting power because they can be turned on or off as needed, depending on how much power is available from renewables.

Our hydrogen projects will further help reduce the emissions of Ontario’s electricity sector by providing a clean fuel that can be mixed with natural gas to lower the emissions from natural gas-fired electricity generation while providing hydrogen to industries across Ontario to help lower their emissions.

Atura Power’s energy storage projects follow a similar approach. By storing clean energy that’s generated during periods of low demand and releasing it during periods of high demand, we can increase Ontario’s reliance on renewable power and decrease our reliance on natural gas generation.