Meet Atura Power

Atura Power plays a key role in the province’s electricity system and diverse generation supply. Atura Power’s flexible energy is available when Ontarians need it most.

Atura by the numbers

Efficient, modern natural gas generating stations


2,715 MW
of generating capacity

Ontario owned

A modern, reliable fleet to meet Ontario's energy needs

Atura Power was registered in October 2019 as the brand name for Ontario Power Generation's wholly-owned subsidiary operating the largest, most efficient gas-fired fleet in Ontario.

It represents 10% of Ontario's total dispatchable fleet and is 100% contracted with Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).

Natural gas is a fossil fuel with environmental impacts. Knowing this, Atura Power uses modern technology to burn it as efficiently as possible, emitting up to 60% less carbon and fewer air pollutants compared to other fossil fuels.

Natural gas, which plays an important role in maintaining system reliability, has become even more important with the addition of intermittent wind and solar generation. We see natural gas as an enabler of renewable energy, providing the flexibility required to ensure a reliable electricity system.