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June 27, 2022
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Atura Power selects CEM Engineering and Sacré-Davey Engineering for Niagara Hydrogen Centre

Oakville, Ont. - Atura Power selected St. Catharines, Ont. based CEM Engineering and Sacré-Davey Engineering of North Vancouver, B.C. (CEM/Sacre-Davey joint venture) to advance the engineering of Atura Power's first green 20-megawatt (MW) hydrogen production facility - the Niagara Hydrogen Centre.

CEM/Sacré-Davey is the owner's engineer and has the responsibility to complete the detailed design and advance the project permitting while also supporting Atura Power in the technical selection of key project equipment and technology.

Atura Power is positioned to be a leader in the Ontario hydrogen economy and the Niagara Hydrogen Centre is a major step forward in developing our capabilities in this emerging sector.

Chris Fralick
President, Atura Power

This project will be the largest green hydrogen production facility in Ontario, providing industrial consumers with low-carbon hydrogen for immediate consumption, including Atura Power's owned and operated combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plants. The development of this 20 MW hydrogen production facility will leverage the experience of CEM and Sacré-Davey and will support the development of the Ontario hydrogen economy.

The design, technology selection, and procurement activities that will support a final investment decision for the facility will be completed by late summer 2022, subject to federal funding, with a target completion date of early 2024 for the facility.

Atura Power is implementing a low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen program that will help reduce greenhouse gases, while supporting the development and adoption of a key clean-energy source on a path to an economy wide net-zero emissions future. As an enabler of clean energy, Atura Power is positioned to help build the hydrogen economy in Ontario. Low-carbon hydrogen will be an important tool in the fight against climate change. Atura Power, a subsidiary of Ontario Power Generation (OPG), supports the net-zero goals outlined in OPG's Climate Change Plan.

Green and low-carbon hydrogen will reduce or offset emissions in a variety of applications, including:

  • as a low-carbon fuel substitute for feedstock in high-emitting industrial processes
  • blending hydrogen with natural gas to reduce its carbon impact, and
  • powering fuel cells in vehicles which could help replace diesel engines in the heavy-duty and long-haul trucking industry.

Both the federal and provincial governments noted the potential for hydrogen to play a key role in helping meet climate change objectives. Read the Federal and Provincial strategies for more details.


"Atura Power is positioned to be a leader in the Ontario hydrogen economy and the Niagara Hydrogen Centre is a major step forward in developing our capabilities in this emerging sector," said Chris Fralick, Atura Power President. "We are excited to advance this project with CEM/Sacré-Davey and expect that with their hydrogen leadership and positive past performance developing energy projects we will be successful in our goal of low-carbon hydrogen production at the Niagara Hydrogen Centre."

"CEM Engineering and our partner Sacré-Davey Engineering are very excited to work with Atura Power, bringing our 20 years of experience developing and implementing innovative energy systems to play a leading role for this major step forward in the development of a 'made in Ontario' hydrogen economy," said Matt Lensink, CEM Engineering CEO. "Atura Power's leadership in the hydrogen economy will pave the way for a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable Ontario."

"Sacré-Davey Engineering is thrilled to be partnering with Atura Power and CEM Engineering in delivering this large scale, low-carbon hydrogen energy project in Ontario," said Chris Sacre, Sacré-Davey Engineering CEO. "This project will build on our 35 years of expertise in the hydrogen and green/renewable energy space, make a significant impact in decarbonizing our energy, and support Canada's 2050 net zero targets."

About Atura Power

Atura Power, a subsidiary of Ontario Power Generation, plays a key role in the province's electricity system. With plants in Windsor, Halton Hills, Toronto, and Napanee, its fleet of combined-cycle facilities is flexible and dispatchable - an enabler of renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. Atura Power is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and being a leader in facilitating economy-wide adoption of hydrogen across Ontario.

About CEM Engineering

CEM Engineering is a thermal power project delivery firm, with headquarters in the Niagara Region. With foundational experience in cogeneration and energy management projects, CEM has become a leader in Canada's energy transition with a focus on hydrogen and renewable natural gas (RNG). Spread across multiple office locations across Canada, CEM provides consulting, schematic design, detailed engineering, and EPC project delivery to help our clients build a more functional world.

About Sacré-Davey Engineering

Sacré-Davey Engineering is a process-centric engineering and project management company with decades of experience delivering energy and hydrogen-related projects. Sacré-Davey's expertise includes hydrogen generation, pipeline injection, recovery, purification, liquefaction, distribution, and refuelling. Having advanced, delivered, and scaled-up hydrogen projects around the world, Sacré-Davey is committed to supporting the development of a global hydrogen economy.


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