Nanticoke Energy Storage

Atura Power is planning to construct the Nanticoke Energy Storage system (Nanticoke Energy Storage), an electricity storage facility in Haldimand County, Ont. The proposed project is located north of the former Nanticoke Generating Station between Haldimand Rd. 55 and South Coast Dr. in Haldimand County, Ont.

The system will be able to store and output up to 449 megawatts (MW) of electricity for up to four hours to Ontario's electricity grid.

Nanticoke Energy Storage MapBuilding capacity for Ontario's electricity grid

After more than a decade of strong supply, Ontario is entering a period of emerging electricity system needs, driven by increasing demand, the refurbishment of existing generating assets, as well as expiring contracts for other electricity-producing facilities.

To prepare for future electricity demands and support a reliable grid for Ontarians, the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) has initiated a Long-Term Request for Proposals (LT1 RFP) to secure new electricity resources that could be in service by 2027, including energy storage facilities.

The proposed Nanticoke Energy Storage system will increase Ontario's electricity storage, support grid reliability, and help advance Ontario's path to a net-zero future. Environmental permits and approvals, including an Environmental Assessment, will be required to construct this project.

Project details

Project Name:Nanticoke Energy Storage
Proponent Legal Name:Portlands Energy Centre L.P. (doing business as Atura Power) or its affiliate Nanticoke Energy Storage Inc.
Location:Haldimand County, Ont.
Generating Technology:Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage
Maximum Capacity:449 MW

Public & Indigenous community engagement

Atura Power is committed to engaging Indigenous communities, municipalities, and the public, as well as other potentially interested stakeholders throughout this project. The Nanticoke Energy Storage Public & Indigenous Community Engagement Plan describes the engagement activities that Atura Power will undertake during the LT1 RFP process in accordance with IESO requirements.

Indigenous communities, municipalities, regulatory agencies, local interest groups and the broader public will be notified when the Environmental Assessment process begins.

Project timeline

LT1 RFP Proposal Submission DeadlineDecember 2023
LT1 RFP Contract Offer AnnouncementQ1/Q2 2024
Target Construction Start2025
OperationsQ3 2027

If awarded an LT1 contract by the IESO, Atura Power will complete an Environmental Assessment and obtain the necessary permits and approvals prior to construction. Indigenous and stakeholder engagement activities remain a priority and will continue during the next phase of the project.

Project resources and materials

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